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Calais Campbell accepting check and trophy


Over the last three seasons, we have spearheaded the creative development of the NFL Players Association's Community MVP campaign, which showcases NFL players off the field contributions and has evolved into a comprehensive philanthropic effort. Each week during the regular season one player is recognized and from the 18 weekly winners, five finalists are chosen for the prestigious Alan Page Community Award.

During our first season, we created a unique campaign that centered around a superhero concept. Every week we executed the artwork in 72 hours. To conclude the campaign, our team built a 3D rendering superhero toy for the winner. In a strategic surprise-and-delight moment, we presented a physical version of the toy live on Zoom to Rodney McLeod of the Philadelphia Eagles.

The second campaign focused on a concept that placed the weekly winners on a custom-designed and NFLPA-branded magazine cover. Each magazine illustration and animation told the story of the player’s community efforts that earned them the honor. Following the 18 weeks, we then created a 3D animation featuring a custom magazine stand in the city of each of the 5 Finalists.

The third campaign was centered around a unique trophy concept that involved crafting a life-sized trophy based on the winner's story and situating it within their team city in a 3D design. Each trophy design and animation depicted the player's impactful community endeavors that led to their recognition. At the culmination of the 18-week period, we produced a five-piece 3D animation set in a bespoke art gallery in Las Vegas, coinciding with Super Bowl 58, where the efforts of the 5 Finalists were creatively showcased. To bring our digital campaign to life, we designed and manufactured a new Alan Page Community MVP trophy to honor winner Calais Campbell, marking the first instance of altering the trophy in the program's history.

Our involvement has extended to Super Bowl week, working in partnership to organize events, including the inaugural Community Day. We also built a strategic experiential and distribution partnership with LeBron James' media company, Uninterrupted.

Alan Page Award Winner

2023-2024: Calais Campbell, Atlanta

2022-2023: Damar Hamlin, Buffalo

2021-2022: Rodney McLeod, Philadelphia


  • 3D Design
  • 3D Modeling
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Creative Development
  • Creative Strategy
  • Custom Football Production
  • Toy Production
  • Trophy Production
  • Visual Identity



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“For three years, the Heartlent team has delivered dynamic and creative content to shine a light on one of our most important campaigns.”

Brandon Parker | Senior Communications Manager, NFLPA
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