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EP 64: Vada Manager

Vada Manager is the Founder/CEO of Manager Global Holdings

Vada Manager is Founder/CEO of Manager Global Holdings

He’s been in the room in negotiations with Nike, has worked with 2 Arizona Governors and helped Nelson Mandela transition… he has a fascinating career that we dug into in this episode

We met Vada at the Sports PR Summit earlier this year where he received a Lifetime Achievement Award — thanks Brian Berger + team

  • Growing up in East St. Louis, Illinois
  • College in Arizona State and served 2 AZ Governors
  • Went to Washington DC, helped Nelson Mandela transition
  • Recruited from Levi’s to Nike, where he worked with Michael Jordan, Mario Lemieux, LeBron James + how he was part of the growth
  • The strategic idea to send Michael Jordan to China
  • Working with Nelson Mandela in 3 different occasions
  • Operating with his mantra “Attitude of Gratitude” and how Vada’s childhood made him who he is today
  • Advice to the younger generation getting their career started
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