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EP 60: Quincy Amarikwa

Quincy Amarikwa is a 13-year Professional Soccer Player

Quincy Amarikwa is a 13-year Professional Soccer Player and current Free Agent (#SignQuincy), Founder of Black Players For Change, Co-Founder of Limb Care Foundation CEO of Perfect Soccer, and Fund Manager at EvolveNFTs

When not on the soccer field, UC Davis Hall Of Fame member and MLS Cup Champion Amarikwa invests in furthering his philanthropic, educational, and entrepreneurial ventures, serving as a member of the Major League Soccer DE&I Committee. Not only is Quincy the 1st Pro Athlete in the Metaverse, but the US Soccer Federation Licensed Coach Amarikwa’s mission, is to use soccer as a vehicle to create over 1 Billion self-disciplined, self-sufficient, focused, goal-oriented individuals. Through his culture coaching and hosting the #AskASoccerPro Show, Amarikwa has created a new generation of soccerpreneurs.

We Discussed:

  • Quick summary of Quincy Amarikwa’s path to the pro leagues
  • Why Quincy Amarikwa went with soccer as his profession
  • Thoughts on the growth of soccer in the U.S.
  • Can we consider athletes as artists?
  • How the connection with fans has evolved over the years
  • Your best introduction to the crypto/NFT world
  • Black Players For Change and their activities and goals
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