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EP 59: Legacy Fantasy Sports

John Latella and Grady Toombs of Legacy Fantasy Sports

John Latella and Grady Toombs of Legacy Fantasy Sports talk about their fantasy sports app, co-founded by former Detroit Lion Herman Moore and backed by former University of Oklahoma Head Football Coach Bob Stoops, as well as film producer and Cleveland Cavaliers co-owner Gary Gilbert. Legacy Fantasy Sports allows users to build rosters with current players alongside past players.

“The sports world is emerging from two years of pandemic shutdowns, game postponements and a lockout that threatened the MLB season -- all impacting the ability of fans to play fantasy sports. We set out to change that. Our pandemic-proof, injury-proof, strike-proof and even retirement-proof game is here for fans to play whenever they want.” - John Latella

We Discussed:

  • How it all started
  • How it works since it doesn’t require live games to be played
  • Most prominent player from years past that users are selecting the most
  • How this differs intentionally from gambling, but what could be on the roadmap
  • How the connection to Herman Moore happened
  • Some of the challenges they faced when starting Legacy Fantasy Sports
  • With their Michigan connection, we discuss HBO’s Winning Time
  • Their thoughts on the Detroit Lions outlook
  • Future innovations for Legacy Fantasy Sports
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