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Greg Kajewski and James Seils, co-founders of BettorEdge

Greg Kajewski and James Seils, co-founders of BettorEdge, a sports betting community and marketplace that launched in January of 2021. Powered by Sportradar, BettorEdge looks to create a more fair betting experience with no-vig betting and “to give the edge back to the bettor by democratizing sports betting”, and they do so by allowing bettors in over 40 states – even where betting is yet not legal – to trade bets amongst each other, all in the app, with no hidden commissions or fees.

We Discussed:

  • What is BettorEdge and how does it work
  • How BettorEdge got started, and how Greg and James met
  • How you can take your no-vig fee and put that money to charity through BettorEdge, and how they donated over $10k to Chad Greenway’s Foundation
  • What makes them different from traditional sports books
  • Live betting, micro betting, user groups, hedge fund-like approach, and what might be on the BettorEdge roadmap
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