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Paul Guarino is Founder of PG Sports and Host of the podcast Average to Savage

Paul Guarino is Founder of PG Sports. He represents athletes such as Renee Montgomery, Chad Dawson, and Kimbo Slice Jr. He is host of the podcast Average to Savage.

We Discussed:

  • How his relationship with Renee Montgomery started
  • How social media sparked his relationships, and began the work HEARTLENT Group did with Renee Montgomery
  • How he treats his clients and how quickly he becomes a friend and family member
  • Recording the podcast with Renee Montgomery and her family
  • How Paul manages his multiple brands - How he started PG Sports
  • The innovative things Paul and PG Sports have done, such as sponsorships in crypto and NFTs
  • Where Paul sees the Web3 space going with respect to sports and sports marketing
  • Niche sports Paul is keeping an eye on
  • Shifting from managing careers while playing to managing careers post-career
  • The importance of growing women’s sports
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